About Malta

MaltaThroughout the ages the island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea has had many names it is thought that The Greeks called it Melite cause of the sweet honey it produces then it was changed to Melita by the Romans. It is not known when it is was changed to Malta but it is a word that comes from the Maltese language.

History of Malta

The island location has given it a fruitful and colourful history as it was a great place to refuel vessels that where traveling across the Med. We were occupied by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Sicilians, Knights of St John the French and the British. With having all these powerful rulers the island has many historic places of interest to visit from catacombs to palaces but the major attraction on the island is the prehistoric Megalithic Temples which are the only free standing structures in the world and they are also protected under UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Malta is a predominately a Catholic Country and is an Apostolic site as according to the Acts of Apostles St Paul was shipwrecked on the island while on route to Rome where he was going to go to be trialled for treason. Malta hosts 366 churches some of them are magnificent like St John’s co-Cathedral in Valletta, in the Oratory of this church you will find the oil canvas of the Beheading of St John by Caravaggio. The Mosta Dome which witnessed a miracle when a 200kg bomb penetrated through the dome when there was 300 people inside awaiting the afternoon service to commence but the bomb never explode, today you can see the replica of the bomb it also has the ninth largest rotunda dome in the world.

Places of Interest

If you are not into history there are other places of interest like the forts which have been used for many scenes in numerous of films for example Fort Ricasoli was used in Gladiator and if that does not float your boat you can visit `THE PUB’ in Valletta where Olivier Reed had his heart attack after a night of heavy drinking and arm wrestling or why not visit Popeye Village which is situated in Anchor Bay this was the film set that Paramount and Walt Disney built for the 1980 Popeye film it is now a museum and family complex.

If visiting Malta in summer there are many beaches to relax on there is a choice of sandy and rocky .Golden Sands is my favourite it is best to visit on a weekday as it is very popular with the locals on weekends especially Sunday. In Bahar ic Caghaq you will find Splash and Fun and Mediterraneo the latter being a water park and the former a Marine Park, where you can swim with dolphins.

You can also take harbour trips with Captain Morgan which depart from Sliema and go to the Grande Harbour, Marsamxetto Harbour or you can do a round trip of the island and they also do an underwater safari which you can see the sea life without putting a tank on your back . Malta is a place where you can explore learn and relax by soaking up the sun.