Malta Cisk Cisk Beer: Malta’s most famous.

When in Malta, you’ll soon realize that Cisk is one of the most popular local beers in Malta. The beer is produced by the Simonds Farsons Cisk Brewery, which was founded by Giuseppe Scicluna back in 1928. Scicluna also owned the nation’s first privately-owned bank in 1840 and took over the operations of a local firm from one of its clients in 1928 which would become the Malta Export Brewery.

Scicluna received a licence to produce lager beers and the Cisk Pilsner was soon born as the first Maltese lager. In 1948 the Malta Export Brewery officially joined forces with Simonds Farsons Limited. The Simonds Farsons Company itself was the result of a merger between L. Farrugia & Sons (commonly known as Farsons) and the local branch of a British brewery known as Simonds.

The Simonds Farsons Cisk brewery expanded its production over the years and now produces several of Malta’s most famous lagers, ales, pale ales, milk stout, and shandies. These include Cisk, Cisk Export, Cisk Extra Strong (nine per cent) Hopleaf, Hopleaf Extra, Blue Label, and Lacto. The brewery also produces Maltese versions of Skol and Carlsberg under licence as well as a variety of juices, juice drinks, waters, and soft drinks.

However, the golden Cisk Lager is the most well known. It comes with a 4.2 per cent alcohol content with a hint of malt and fruit flavours. The Cisk name is actually derived from Giuseppe Scicluna’s nickname, which translated into ‘The cheque,’ because of his fondness for paying for items by cheque.

The brewery is also a major player in fast food outlets in Malta and other European nations as it owns several franchises of popular restaurants such as Pizza Hut, Burger King, TGI Friday, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. It got into the food business back in 1993 when it opened its first Pizza Hut outlet.

Cisk Lager has been the recipient of several awards throughout its lifetime, including the top international lager honours in 1995 at the Australian Beer Awards, and gold medals for the best lager and overall beers at the Brewex Competition in Great Britain in 1980. It was also named the best traditional lager in the world in 2007 by Beers of The World and Cisk Excel was honoured as the best low-carb beer on the globe the same year.

Interested residents and visitors can tour the Farsons Brewery in Mriehel from Monday to Friday and learn the history behind the Simonds Farsons Cisk Company and the products it makes. There’s also a museum onsite which has a variety of memorabilia on display. Of course the tour comes to a conclusion at the bar where you can sample the assortment of beers that are brewed.

Cisk Lager is also the sponsor of various events held in Malta throughout the year, including the Malta Fireworks Festival.