Best Diving Sites in Malta

Diving in MaltaThe Maltese archipelago with its crystal clear waters and warm seas is a popular destination throughout the year and this is the reason why many people are searching for best diving sites in Malta and Gozo.

There is an abundance of marine life that you can explore and there are places that are ideal for beginners and other areas are suitable for experienced divers. The good thing about Malta is the fact that you can enjoy diving throughout the year. There are many places that both locals and tourists can explore and you will have the time of your life.

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The top five diving places to explore:

If you are not an experienced diver, then Madonna and the Arch a good diving place. If you are someone who would like to dive in a place that has plenty of sunlight, then this is a perfect location for you. The entry into the diving site is easy because you enter through a pool that is just one meter deep. You then proceed to a shallow reef that is full of marine life. Once you reach the drop off, there’s a beautiful wall that you can follow and it takes you to a cavern. This is where you will find the Madonna watching over you. The good thing about this location is the fact that you can find shoals of Barracudas, Amberjacks and Skipjacks as they are searching for their prey. Another good thing about this site is that you can go diving there at night and you will have a memorable time.

For a less experienced diver, the HMS Maori in Valletta is among the best diving sites in Malta. This is a famous historical wreck that can you will enjoy exploring. The ship nowadays rests just seventy meters from the shore and this historical wreck is interesting to explore. The average depth of the diving location is 12 meters and you enter the area through the shore. Divers can be able to enter the wreck quite easily and you can find many types of fish there. If you take a bearing to Fort Tigne by staying on the stairs, with your back facing the tunnel, you will just drop into it. However, it is advisable for you to dive when the North West currents are not blowing because there will be zero visibility at that time. Since the wreck is in shallow waters, it is in a poor state and so you should exercise caution be ause there are some sections that can collapse at any moment.

Diving Sites MaltaGhar Lapsi is an ideal location for an inexperienced diver looking for a good place to explore and it lies off the South Coast. There is a cave that you can manage to navigate and this is what makes the location so popular. The crystal sand is another attractive feature of the location and the cave has got lots of color and so if you are a photographer, this is a paradise that you can explore. A series of caverns connect this inner bay that is sheltered. The contour of the cavern is flat and long and light rays can pierce through the cracks that are in a ceiling above. The dive is easy and it is also shallow meaning that you can just relax and explore the area searching for cuttlefish, octopus or even the rare seahorse. The average diving depth is ten meters and you can enter the location through the shore.

For an experienced diver, the Blue Hole in Dwerja, Gozo is a diving place that you should not miss. Bottom of Dwerja Point is where you can find this spot and it is a popular attraction in Gozo. A long walk along the rocks is the starting point of the dive and it is worth your while to navigate these rocks. After you have entered the Blue Hole, you can choose the right or the left side. The right side takes you to the Azure Window and if your visibility is good, you can be able to see it very clearly while at the bottom. As you are coming back, you can take the left side and explore a large cave. The Blue Hole provides plenty of contrasts between the deep blue waters, reef, large fish as well as the miniature creatures living there. The Blue Hole is probably one of the most dynamic diving sites in terms of marine biodiversity.

Among the top diving sites that I would recommend for experienced divers is the Tug Boat Rozi in Cirkewwa. This is a tug boat that is forty meters long and it became a touristic attraction in 1992. The original intent was to bring visitors to this wreck using a small submarine. The wreck is located around a hundred meters from a jetty and it is still intact apart from the engine and the propellers which were removed before the boat was sunk. The remarkable thing about this wreck is that it is sitting uprightly and because the ocean floor is sandy, numerous fish are attracted to the wreck. Hunting Barracudas, Groupers and Moray Eels can be seen at this location. Other fish that surround this wreck include damselfish, saddle bream, sea bream and wrasse. On the eastern side of this wreck is a metal anchor that attracts underwater photographers. As you are leaving the wreck, you can explore a nearby reef.

Not every diver can be allowed to access some of the great diving sites and this is the reason why the locations are categorized according to beginner and experienced divers. This is for your own safety and so before you visit any location, it is important that you ensure that you are qualified to dive there. The good thing is that you can find a map that shows the various locations as well as the qualification levels that are required. Lastly, the dives are categorized according to shore dives and dives that require a boat to reach the location. Holidaymakers will enjoy numerous activities in these wonderful sites.

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