Malta Eurovision Entry 2013

 It is that time of the year again… National Eurovision fever and choosing a song that will represent us at the Eurovisions finals in May (this year in Malmö, Sweden).

And ….. before you start rolling your eyes at me; YES the Maltese do love the Eurovision Song Contest; we have never won the coveted title BUT we did come close 3 times and still believe we have great talent and a chance of winning one day. The Eurovision has become a sort of annual rite of passage with most Maltese glued to their TV sets and creating a buildup through the weeks. The contest by which we will choose our Entry will be on the 1st and 2nd of February at the MFCC. This year, the contest might be slightly overshadowed by the national election campaign but I do believe the Malta Song Entry Competition will give us a well-deserved mental break from all those annoying politicians bickering at each other.

With a total of 24 songs competing, we are once again exposed to a bunch of the standard disco disco tunes and the cliche’ soppy ballads that do not show much of the local talent; EXCEPT for these 4 entries….

Here are the 4 songs that I think have a good shot at winning!

Davinia Pace – ‘Betrayed’

Currently living in England and having already auditioned for shows like Xfactor UK; Davinia Pace is definitely a confident and mature performer that you can t help but notice. A lovely, husky voice that gives her a good chance of winning although this song does resonate a bit of a James Bond soundtrack. Do you agree?

Kevin Borg – ‘Needing You’

Now the Kevin Borg package comes with a load of Maltese fans who have been supporting him through the years; especially after he won the Swedish Idol Competition in 2008. This song was written by 4 Swedish song writers so I did expect much much more than OK. I find the song edging on old-fashioned, it does not seem to reach a climax and although Kevin has a fantastic voice; I do not feel this song did him enough justice. Is he a winner? IF he does win, it will be thanks to all his dedicated fans but No, I do not feel this song will win. Definitely top 3 category.

Petra & Richard Edwards – ‘Wonderful Today’

Also a couple beyond the music stage; this young couple has buckets of chemistry and you can feel it through the song. I think they have a good chance of winning the hearts of the Maltese and get to Malmö to represent Malta. Richard Edwards has come in second 2 years ago with a great song ‘Finally‘ and he has now become a well-known singer whilst Petra can hold her own with a strong and stable voice. Richard Edwards is also competing with another song ‘Fall like Rome’ but I doubt that can get to the top 3.

Chris Grech – ‘Never Walk Away’

Now this, in my opinion, should be this year’s winner…. raw and powerful vocals all the way. This is one of those songs you just want to hear over again. Chris is a first-timer at this competition but I believe he did well to wait until he had strong lyrics to back-up his powerful voice. However Eurovision night goes for him, I am sure we will hear of this promising singer again.

Also, worth a mention are the hosts of the evening… Elaine Saliba who hosted last year’s show is to be paired up with Gordon Bonello and Rodney Gauci will handle the backstage clips. Bonello and Gauci are now household names with the Maltese viewers through the show ‘Deceduti’ and their hilarious election related clips on TVM.

So….. Who will be following Kurt Calleja’s success? Let the countdown begin and do let us know who your favourites are !

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