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 One of the more popular activities amongst tourists visiting the Maltese Islands is fishing. There are quite a few companies in Malta offering private fishing charters so it’s wise to do your research before you intend to come here. It’s also a good idea to make your bookings in advance if possible as many of the fishing trips are fully booked during the peak season.

There are a lot of different types of fishing in Malta and only the most reputable companies are offering the whole range of trips. In this article you will find out what types of fishing charters are offered and where you can find the companies that offer them.

Albacore Trawling

The Albacore is a type of Tuna Fish that can grow up to 20 kilos. The season for fishing Albacore is between May and August. When going on a Albacore trawling trip you also have a chance of catching Spear Fish, Tuna and Sword Fish.

Lampuki Trawling

The Lampuki is the national fish of Malta and it’s probably the most popular fish at Maltese restaurants. This fish is a frequent visitor in the Maltese waters between August and November and it’s a very popular fishing trip during those months.

Bottom Fishing

This real upside of Bottom Fishing is that it’s available all year around. The downside is that it’s done in the early hours of the day so if you are not keen on getting up at 06:00 in the morning this type of fishing is not for you. When Bottom Fishing you will be using Prawns or Mackerel for bait and you can expect to catch Grouper, Combers, Wrasses, Beams and many other types of bottom fish.

Night Fishing

Unless you are going to Malta for the with the sole intention of going on fishing trips it’s probably a good idea to stay away from this type of trip as it’s done during the night, just as the name suggests. When going night fishing in Malta you can expect to be back on land at around midnight. The best season for this type of fishing trips is between May and September but some companies offer night fishing trips all year around.

Afternoon Fishing

If you are not sold on the concept of night fishing and you are not keen on leaving bed before 06:00 while on holiday in Malta then the afternoon fishing trips offered by several fishing charter companies is a great option. When going on a afternoon fishing trip you usually leave the harbor at around 15:00 and return back around 20:00. When going afternoon fishing in Malta you will not only be able to see the beauty of the Islands from the sea but you will also have the ability to catch fish like Barracuda, Amberjack and Saddled Breams.

Drifting for Tuna

All fishermen are dreaming of that big catch. With this fishing trip that dream can become reality as you will be drifting for Tuna Fish which is one of the biggest fish in the Maltese waters. A Tuna can weigh between 20 and 150 kilos and it can be caught using Mackerel as bait. This is the optimal fishing trip for the hard core fishermen looking to make that big catch while in Malta.

Companies Offering Fishing Trips in Malta

Now that we have provided you with all the information needed about the different types of fishing available in Malta it’s time for you to head over to the various companies that offer these fishing excursions. In the list below you will find the most reputable companies arranging these kind of trips and you can head over to their websites to compare prices and fishing charters.

  • Pirotta Fishing Centre – Website
  • Aquatica Sport Fishing Charters – Website
  • Malta Fishing Trips – Website
  • Sun Dawn Fishing Trips – Website

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