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 Swinging or “Wife Swapping” is becoming increasingly popular in Malta with a lot of tourists looking to engage in this activity when visiting the islands. Since Malta is a highly religious country there are no official swinger clubs or organisations available at the moment. If you are looking to meet other swingers while in Malta you will instead have to resort to Google in order to find groups where you can locate other couples looking to swing.

To save you the time and hassle of searching through the Internet for these groups we have decided to link you to the best resources.

Male Looking for Couples

We had one person who sent us an email and asked us to add his details here to get in touch with a couple. This is a 30-year old male (non-Maltese) who’s looking to meet a couple in Malta. To get in contact with this person send an email to

Connect With Other Couples

You can use the comment field below to post your details in order to get in contact with other Maltese swingers.


This is one of the most visited pages on and we get about 10 comments a day from males looking for all kinds of stuff that is in no way related to swinging in Malta so we thought we had to put down some ground rules.

  1. This page is for couples looking to meet other couples.
  2. Those are all the rules.

If you are a male looking to meet a single female we recommend one of the many Gentlemen Clubs in Malta or just about any other venue out there. Comments from single men looking to meet couples or single women will not be published on this page.

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