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 Considering the outrageous prices some local stores in Malta are charging for their products it’s not very hard to understand why online shopping have become so popular on the Islands. There’s really no reason why you would want to buy products from a local business when you can find it in an online store for about half the price. This is especially true if you are shopping for things like books and DVD’s.

In this article we will go over the best websites for online shopping from Malta and give you some helpful pointers to prevent you from getting scammed or making costly mistakes by ordering from the wrong countries.

Keep Your Shopping Within the EU

When ordering things online it’s very important that you look for online stores that are located within the EU. Should you order products from the US, China or other non EU countries you will have to pay customs fees as well as VAT on the product you are buying. This can end up very costly if you are ordering things that have a high price tag and what looks like a bargain will probably end up costing you more than if you would have gone to a local store in Malta.

The Best Online Stores for Shopping from Malta

There are literally thousands of online stores out there but not all of them can be trusted. When ordering products from the Internet you will not have the advantage of seeing and feeling the actual product before you pay for it so it’s wise to limit your online shopping to one of the sites listed below. Should you not find what you are looking for at one of these stores (even though that is highly unlikely) or you find a better price at another online store it’s always wise to read reviews from other clients before you place an order to avoid getting scammed.

In my personal opinion eBay is the number one place for online shopping when you want things delivered to Malta. The main reason for this is their ability to process payments through Paypal which means extra security for you as a customer. If for some reason you should not receive the product you have paid for or if there is a problem with the product you will get assistance from the Paypal security team to claim your money back.

Another reason why is my go to place for all types of online shopping is their rating system. Every time someone is buying a product from a seller on eBay they will have the option of leaving a review of the seller and by doing so you will help other people by letting them know about your experience with the seller in question. The people selling products on eBay knows how important it is to have good ratings on eBay in order for them to keep doing business there so they will always strive to give you a first class service in order for you to boost their reputation.

What to Think of When Shopping on eBay

When you are buying things from eBay you should always make sure that the person selling the products is located within the EU in order to avoid paying unnecessary taxes and fees. On every sellers page it is clearly stated where they are located to it’s very easy to find out if you will need to pay tax on the items you are buying or not.

Amazon started out as an online store but have in the later years also started offering an auction like part of their site which reminds me a lot of eBay. I have never used the auction side of the site due to one reason, the fact that they are unable to accept Paypal payments. When buying things from other people in an auction style format online I am a bit hesitant to using my credit card.

When it comes to ordering books and DVD’s though there are few other online stores that can compete with the number of products and the prices at If you are looking to buy books and want to avoid costly shipping costs I can recommend the hugely popular Kindle which is an eBook reader developed by Amazon themselves. Even though the initial cost of buying the Kindle eBook reader is a bit steep (around €95 at the time of writing) you will save that money in no time if you are ordering a lot of books from Amazon. is a great alternative to if you are looking to buy DVD’s, Video Games or Music CD’s. Since is a very reputable company and I am dealing with them directly when buying something from the site I have no problem with the fact that they are unable to accept Paypal payments as I am very comfortable with using my credit card here.

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