Oriental Hammam (Turkish Bath) Opened in Gozo

 The hammam, also known as a Turkish Bath, is inspired by the East and now newly opened on the fantastic island of Gozo. This first authentic hammam is located inside the exquisite Kempinski Hotel which is part of the high-end Kempinski chain of Hotels.

The Hammam originated in Arabia, flourished in Turkey in the 15th century and is still traditional and essential to the Eastern ideology of bathing. Their cleaning rituals have surpassed the centuries and are still in practice today all around the World.

Back in the Arab Era, the Arabs had built oriental baths on the Maltese Islands and these communal baths were part of the everyday social and cultural structure. Following Malta & Gozo’s amazing history and this Arab Era; this ritual and bathing treatment can now be enjoyed at the newly opened Hammam in Gozo.

Nowadays, we can still enjoy this pleasure at this modern luxurious hammam when enjoying a mud or clay wrap, body foam massages, deep cleansing treatments or one the various exfoliating body scrubs done on the heated marble.

These many rituals can be performed on oneself or by the professional Kempinski spa staff.

This Hammam was opened recently in October, 2012 and has been designed to minimal details by local Maltese designers following the magical theme of ‘1,001 Arabian Nights’.

Special areas inside the Hammam include the Relaxation Area where there is a veiled bed, the Exfoliation Room, the hydrotherapy pool area and the Hot-Room, home of the marble and navel stones and where the final stages of the bath takes place. The products used are also of utmost importance and only the latest, high-end products are used.

One is left feeling pampered through the body, mind and soul. The rituals performed are meant to cleanse, purify and detox the system while letting the patrons dive into full relaxation mode; tucked away from the hectic outside world. Body, mind and soul will reap the results and the outcome is a happy, energised and rejuvenated self.

Always a leader in innovative ideas; Kempinski invites us to experience the real Gozitan relaxation and get closer to Mother Nature at this authentic 5 star resort!

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