Restrictions and higher alcohol prices

 Yesterday when purchasing another pack of Cisk’s, I noticed the price of 24 cans had gone up even further €2, and after asking the cashier it seems all brands of beers went up in price. I also noticed quite an increased price on several whiskey brands.

One of the things appreciated around Malta, not at least by tourists and foreigners living here, is the fact that they can enjoy/purchase beers or a bottle of wine basically anywhere they go and at a decent price. However, by time prices are slowly rising even here and new restrictions are being introduced at a faster rate.

There has already been discussions about the law that restricts confectioneries of selling alcohol, and now we can also read about the new alcohol rules for entertainment venues.

Obviously the law banning confectioneries from selling alcohol after 9pm comes from the Paceville bar owners, as many people visiting the bar would already have been drinking cheaper bottles from the nearest shop. I think most people would agree on the increased checks on under-age drinking, but in the long run I believe in people taking their own responsibility before having tons of laws and restrictions stopping anyone that wants to enjoy a drink.

Being from Sweden myself, where prices and restrictions have really gone out of hand (mostly from the government monopoly), I really hope things will not go too far in other EU countries such as Malta. I remember at Saturday’s when after 2pm there was not one place in the whole city where to buy beers containing more than 3.5% alcohol.

The situation in Malta now is still good but I wouldn’t be surprised to at least see a huge price increase of alcoholic drinks, especially in the Sliema/St Julians area, for the coming years. Let me know your comments below…

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