Snow (Hail) in Parts of Malta

At around midday today the sunny weather in Malta quickly changed into a major hail storm. At some places in Malta small amounts of snow has been reported.

Since events like this one doesn’t happen very often the social networks like Facebook and Twitter has been flooded with pictures and videos of Malta being covered in ice. We thought we would share a couple of these videos so you can see what’s been going on around the island.

Hail Storm in Malta

This video was shared by Alexander Pace on Youtube.

Mgarr Covered With Ice

This video was posted on Facebook by Commander Jay

Hail Hits Swimming Pool

This video was shared by Paul Borg Cardona on Facebook

CPD Issues Warning

After the hail storm had passed The Times of Malta posted an article where they told the public that the Civil Protection Department had issued a warning telling all motorists to avoid low lying areas.

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