Top 3 Red Maltese Wines

 Even though I am a bit of a wine geek I wouldn’t go as far as saying I know anything about wine. I can’t tell the difference between different vintages of the same wine and to be completely honest I don’t really have any interest in learning more about the fine art of wine tasting. I drink wine because I like the feeling it gives me, I like the pop of the cork when I open a new bottle and I love the taste of a really good red wine (good doesn’t have to be expensive).

The wine culture in Malta is really booming at the moment and we see new wineries and wine bars opening up their doors every year. It’s not all good news though. There are some pretty terrible wines being produced in Malta (by the big wineries) but instead of focusing on the bad I will stay positive and make this post about the top 3 red wines produced in Malta.

1. Marsamena Gozo D.O.K from Ta’Mena Estates

This wine is pretty new on the market and is currently only available to buy from Del Borgo if you are in Malta or you can order your bottles directly from the winery. If you happen to be in Gozo you will find this wine in a couple of stores around the island but I would recommend a visit to the Ta’ Mena Estate where you can buy the wine directly from the producer instead.

Gozo DOK 2009 Marsamena Marsamena is produced from a selection of five grape varieties namely Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Serkuzan, Cabernet Franc and Syrah. Hand-picked exclusively from the Ta’ Mena Estate, the blend is matured in new French Oak Barrels for 10 months with very limited filtering to preserve its particular toasted and spicy aromas and flavours. It presents a mature round body on the palate with a long after taste. Best served at 17°C to 20°C with delicate meat dishes and is a must for special occasions. 13% Vol.

2. Gran Maitre from Marsovin

To be honest I am not so keen on this particular wine myself but my father who knows a lot more about wine than me keep insisting that this is one of the best red wines in Malta, so who am I to argue. This wine is only released in a very limited edition and it is far more expensive than the other wines offered by Marsovin.

Dedicated to the Grand Masters of Malta by Special appointment to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc coming form the Ghajn Rihana Estate produced a full-bodied red wine of the unique character which is aged for at least 12 months in new French oak barriques.

3. Guze Passito by Marsovin

This is my wife’s favorite Maltese red wine so I feel obligated to put it on the list. This is a very, very, sweet red wine (think Eiswein) and it goes perfect with many of the desserts that she makes, which I guess is why she likes it. Just like the Grand Maitre this is a pretty expensive wine (about 25 Euro for a 500 ml bottle) but it’s definitely worth the money if you are looking to treat yourself.

Guze passito is a naturally sweet, intense and complex red wine produced from partially raisined, locally grown Shiraz grapes. Guze is reminiscent of intense black fruit, chocolate aromas with sweet, spicy, jammy prune flavours. Delicious with cheese, game and chocolate-based dessert. Guze is dedicated to the former Chairman of Marsovin Joseph Cassar affectionately known as Sur Guzi.

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