Will the new Arriva buses help the traffic situation in Malta?

 It is now only 14 days left before the new Arriva buses will take over all routes on the Maltese Islands. This will bring a lot of changes, not at least for the environment, which everyone that have been driving behind one of the old buses would agree on.

When looking at the ticket prices of the new buses it seems they want the Maltese people to start using the bus more, which is very positive even though it might be an impossible project as the Maltese love their cars. A one day ticket with unlimited traveling is only 1.50 Euro which is a great price. However, if you’re just going a short trip from A to B you will have to fork out 1.30 (a 2 hour ticket) with Arriva, which is almost 3 times the price of the old single ticket.

I’m guessing the aim is to get people to use the bus to work instead of adding to the ever increasing car queues every morning and afternoon. I have my doubts about this though, simply because of the mentality among people here. They want to use their own car in any situation and I think most have accepted and got used to queues and trying to find a parking space each and every day.

I also noticed the Arriva fares are higher for higher for tourists and all other people not holding a Maltese ID card. More info on that here.

The old Maltese buses will be missed by many as they are part of the charm of Malta. I heard though, that some of them will be used for a special tourist route, if anyone has any more information on this, please post a comment.

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