Cruises from Malta

Malta CruiseMalta’s rich history and beauty make it an ideal Mediterranean cruise destination.

It’s not hard to understand why Mediterranean cruises are so popular with people from all over the world. They get the opportunity to visit several historical cities and explore their culture, traditions, and cuisine, etc. And of course, the weather is usually gorgeous, as well as the scenery. For the Maltese, and of course others, it’s also a good place to start a Mediterranean cruise.

One of the most popular destinations on a Mediterranean cruise is the wonderful port of Valletta, which is located in the small European nation of Malta. Valletta’s popularity stems from the Malta’s natural beauty and its safety. From the Grand Harbour several major Cruise ships are taking off for a Malta to Malta cruise trip.

More about Malta

The islands’ rich history can be traced back 6,000 years ago and it’s filled with fascinating culture, archaeology, fine arts, and architecture. The gates of Valletta eagerly welcome visitors to the islands who are anxious to explore the country’s fascinating villages, towns, churches, palaces, countryside, and coastline.

Valletta’s Grand Harbour usually welcomes about 250 cruise ships each year, filled with close to half a million passengers who are thrilled to take advantage of Malta’s famous hospitality and sites. The relatively small size of Malta enables most passengers to cover a lot of ground when they visit. They can see quite a bit in a day when in Malta.

A cruise to the scenic islands is a great introduction to Malta and many people come back to explore the islands thoroughly and enjoy their way of life during longer stays. The islands are also a great place to start your Mediterranean cruise as this allows you to spend as much time there as you like before setting sail. Malta is also an ideal spot geographically as it’s known as the gateway to the western and eastern Mediterranean. The cruise terminals are conveniently located just 20 minutes from Malta’s International Airport.

When staying in Malta you’ll be able to enjoy excellent accommodations as the islands offer a variety of hotels in all price ranges, including four and five star resorts. You’ll also find some excellent shops, fine dining, exciting entertainment and sporting events and facilities, as well as a host of entertaining and educational cultural events and festivals.