A Night in Casal Fornaro 2011

Pencil in Saturday, 17th September into your diaries as the activity “Lejl F’Casal Fornaro” will take place then. Ever immersed into a history of traditions, the streets of the village of Qormi will be customarily decorated for the occasion. The village which is renowned for its history of break-making, will be bringing together the customs and traditions of days long gone. Food items will be available for you to taste while entertainment offered will include drama, traditional shows, folkloristic dance, artistic displays as well as agricultural exhibitions in of the best events in Malta this year.

You will also have the opportunity to watch how bread is made in traditional bakeries. With some 50 bakeries set up in Qormi, the smell of baking will be filling up the streets during A Night in Casal Fornaro.

The old streets of Citta Pinto will be converted to what they once were many centuries ago during the Knight’s period by inducing a folkloristic ambiance as well as traditional decorations and many embellishments. Various stages will be erected, each one offering a different live drama. Maltese traditional songs (including Ghana), marches from various Maltese bands as well as shows set up by known singers and promoting fresh new local talent will all be on offer for you to enjoy. The shelter beneath the police station will also be open for the second time after the organisers cleaned it up last year.

“Lejl f’Casal Fornaro” was first held in 2007 with thousands of people attending the activity. The event has developed to such a greater scale, that all generations and people from all walks of life are attending.

The event will kick off on September 16th which will see a concert by Virtuosi Band, a concert by tribute band Dial Straits, a 100ft long Maltese baguette and a bread pudding competition.

Special attractions on 17th September include a concert by Maltese band ‘New Cuorey’, a pop concert by the Pinto Brass band, a performance by local Maltese veteran Enzo Gusman and traditional band marches by Malta’s oldest musical societies amongst many others.

The event will surely have your mouth watering with food and a variety of culturally and educationally-infused performances that will take you back to a time long forlorn.

The activities of A Night in Casal Fornaro is co-ordinated by the Kummissjoni Zghazagh Bastjanizi with the cooperation and support of the Qormi Local Council. It is also supported by Maypole Bakery Ltd, a bread-making industry that was established in Qormi more than a century ago.

Further information about this event, can be accessed by visiting the website CasalFornaro.com

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