Celebrating Christmas in Malta

 Malta and Gozo to Celebrate Christmas in Style in 2011

The magnificent islands of Malta and Gozo will be holding special Christmas and New Year’s celebrations this year. The month-long celebrations will feature an assortment of fun-filled and traditional events. These include processions, seasonal activities, cultural festivities, lights, Christmas trees, crib displays, concerts, pantomimes, religious events, an Italian circus, and other types of entertainment for the whole family from December 1st until January 1st.

Like many other areas of the world, Christmas is one of the most celebrated and anticipated celebrations in Malta and Gozo each and every year. And of course, December 25th is also one of the most historic, important, and eventful days on the religious calendar. Maltatown.com will present some of the main xmas activities around the islands.

Both of the islands love to celebrate the Christmas season as much as they possibly can. This means you’ll see a wealth of Christmas-related exhibits and events in Malta and Gozo, such as nativity scenes, Christmas carol services, and many other local traditions.

One of the most popular events takes place in Valletta’s St John’s Co-Cathedral when islanders join the congregation for a special and spiritual evening by singing carols under candlelight. The islands’ other Baroque parish churches also hold special events during the season.

Most of them adorn their altars with colourful flowers and decorated their interiors with papal crimson. All of the churches offer islanders a variety of wonderful events including children’s Christmas carol singing and processions of Mary and Joseph.

You’ll find that the islands love to display cribs during the Christmas season and they can be seen just about everywhere, including private residences and small chapels. Most residents enjoy visiting the beautiful collection of cribs and they take the time to view as many as they possibly can.

Another popular event with people of all ages at Christmas time is the yearly annual pantomime which is hosted by the Manoel Theatre. The event features the ideal combination of adult satire and children’s humour.

Christmas Shopping in Malta

Of course, what would the Christmas season be like in Malta and Gozo without the annual good cheer and fun? The year winds down with a wonderful variety of Christmas shopping, parties, outdoor events, adventures and celebrations, and family get-togethers. The New Year then begins in the same cheerful manner. We will shortly be presenting the best options to get your Xmas shopping done this year.

The islands’ clubs, bars, restaurants, and hotels will also get into the act and show their Christmas spirit by offering some excellent seasonal entertainment. Look back here for nice offers and tips where to spend your Christmas time.

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