Cospicua Bastions Festival 2011

 Malta’s Cospicua Bastions Festival offers something for everyone

To the people of Malta, Bormla is the five hills of Cospicua, which have been settled since Neolithic times by those who enjoy the maritime activities of the Grand Harbour’s comfortable inlet. Ever since Punic times, the local economy has been built on a variety of maritime services and products.

Over the years, visitors from all over the world learned about Maltese artistry and crafts in Cospicua, and at the same time exchanged ideas and left their cultural influence on Malta.

On Oct. 1st and 2nd, Malta will celebrate with the Cospicua Bastions Festival. This will enable visitors to experience life from inside the walls of the fortified city. There will be a wide range of events for the whole family to enjoy, which will take place between Cospicua’s two lines of ancient fortifications. Guests at the festival will be invited to walk through and explore the fortifications as well as the city’s urban area and its magnificent architecture.

Some of the most popular festival attractions include the region of St Helen’s gate as well as the nearby bastions of Polverista, Cottoner Gardens, and St.Nicholas. However, there will be several more activities in other locations as we’ll as at sea.
You’ll be able to enjoy performance of local literature, drama, and short films as well as Malta’s traditional folk singing in Borma style, known as Ghana la Bormliza. Of course, you’ll also be able to taste local delicacies of the island from various food stalls.

The Cospicua Bastions Festival is an ideal way for people of all ages and interests to celebrate the heritage, culture, crafts and food of the region.

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