Go Teatru Unplugged

There will be six diverse performances at this year’s version of Go Teatru Unplugged between Dec. 2nd and Dec. 4th at the Manoel Theatre. The popular and unique Maltese event is in its 14th year after debuting back in 1998.

This year’s eclectic line-up includes bands Keith Anthony, and Cruz and Crosswalk, guitarist Mark Rapa, Ronnie Busuttil, ex of the Flying Alligators, and Renzo Spiteri featuring British-based Andrea Britton.
The annual Go Teatru Unplugged performances have become quite popular on the island as numerous up-an-coming local bands and artists have launched their careers with fine performances here. This innovative event has also featured some excellent international acts over the years.

Go Teatru Unplugged features a wide range of musical styles and performers, making it an ideal event for audiences of various musical tastes. It’s the best way for audiences of specific musical genres to listen to and appreciate other types and styles of music.

There are three main objectives for the organizers of the event. These are to entertain audiences, expose them to several different styles of music, and to provide a platform for Malta’s local musicians. There’s no better place to hold Teatru Unplugged than the classical Manoel Theatre as its acoustics are perfect for the event.

Buy Tickets for Go Teatru Unplugged

Tickets for the Go Teatru Unplugged 14 concerts are available for the cost of €8, €15 and €18. They can be bought online at teatrumanoel.com.mt, as well as by e-mail at bookings@teatrumanoel.com.mt, and by telephone at 356-2124 6389.

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