Malta International Fireworks Festival 2012

Annual Malta International Fireworks Festival to Light up the Sky – Apr. 29-30th 2012

The dark skies above Malta will come alive in an explosion of colours on April 29th and 30th when the annual Malta International Fireworks Festival takes place at the Grand Harbour in Valletta. This will be the 11th edition of the popular festival. The event will be organized by the Malta Tourism Authority and the Parliamentary Secretariat for Tourism, Environment and Culture. This fantastic festival is a part of the eighth anniversary celebrations that will mark Malta’s acceptance into the European Union in 2004.

The celebrations will consist of several local fireworks manufacturers as well as two international companies. The spectacular event will be featuring numerous fireworks displays that are all synchronized to music. In addition, the local fireworks producers will offer several competitive displays. The best spot to view the night time extravaganza is the Barriera Wharf inside of the Grand Harbour on the Valletta sea front.

When it comes to fireworks in Malta there are always many opinions what is right and wrong, and this is just one of many occasions where both Maltese people, foreigners and tourists will make their voices heard…

The Malta Fireworks Festival has long been one of the most popular events on the island ever since it began just over a decade ago. Malta has quite a long tradition when it comes to fireworks displays as they can be traced back to the Order of the Knights of St John. Back in those days it was common to see gun salutes, the firing of muskets, St Catherine’s wheels, and a host of other types of explosive fireworks as a form of celebrating and rejoicing.

There were also a number of special occasions that featured fireworks, such as Grand Master and Pope elections for the Order of the Knights of St. John as well as Royal births and military victories. Fireworks became a craft in the 1800s when Malta celebrated numerous events that were connected to the United Kingdom. The tradition of celebrating special occasions with fireworks has been around for hundreds of years and is just as popular as ever today in Gozo and Malta.

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