Mediterranea Festival 2011

Gozo Celebrates its history and Culture with Festival Mediterranea

 The historic island of Gozo will be hosting the exciting Mediterranea Festival from Thursday Oct. 27th to Saturday November 19th at numerous venues. The annual event will feature a wide variety of theatre, exhibits, dance, arts, lectures, food, drink, concerts, on-site visits, and cultural festivals as a way of celebrating 7000 years of history and culture in the island.

Gozo is a land filled with natural beauty, legends, and myths. It’s believed that Ulysses journeys were delayed for seven years when the nymph Calypso enticed him to the island. These days, there aren’t any nymphs around to attract visitors, so the island’s charm and array of celebrations and events are used.

Festival Mediterranea will offer numerous cultural events to its guests and they’ll be able to soak in 7,000 year’s worth of history while enjoying themselves at the same time. It’s an ideal time of the year to explore everything that Gozo has to offer.

You’ll find that the festival entertains the ears by offering symphonic, opera, and classical music. The eyes and mind will be kept busy by viewing and learning about Gozo’s rich history and archaeology. The true spirit of the creative islanders will be on display for the whole world to enjoy during this fantastic event.

There are special events held each day of the festival, including operas, the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, Violin and Pianoforte Recital, the Laudate Pueri Choir, the La Stella Philharmonic Band, and La Stella Brass Ensemble and Soloists.

This is the 10th edition of Gozo’s month-long festival and it is expected to showcase the island’s traditions and lifestyle to those visiting the beautiful Maltese island for the fist time.

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