Notte Bianca Festival 2011

 Malta’s Notte Bianca to take place in Valletta on Oct. 1st.

Mark October 1st 2011 on your calendar as this is the date of the Notte Bianca, an annual all-night cultural event that’s set to take place in Malta’s capital of Valletta. The special event will open up the city until the early hours of the morning, giving residents and visitors the opportunity to explore Valletta’s wonderful historic buildings, museums, art galleries, monuments, and other cultural spots all night long.

Valletta will stay alive once the sun goes down as there will be numerous events to enjoy across the city. Local restaurants will be serving guests all night long and the shops will be open until late, attracting thousands of people to the historic capital.

This will be the sixth version of Malta’s Notte Bianca, which originated in 2006, and it will continue to offer a wonderful evening of culture, art, and much more. All of the participating museums and galleries, etc will offer free entrance to their collections and the city will. The city turns into one large festival and visitors will also be able to enjoy a variety of dance, theatre, film, and musical performances by international and local artists.

These will include everything from Chopin to heavy metal, with contemporary jazz and folk dancing also on show. The variety of entertainment is what makes Valletta’s Notte Bianca the fascinating and unique event that it is. In addition, most of this year’s events will be repeated across the city which will allow visitors to enjoy all of the events without out on any of them.

Visitors to Valletta’s Notte Bianca festival will also be able to ride public transportation until late.

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