Vivanda – Taste the Med 2011

 Vivanda-Taste the Med at Millennium Stand,Ta’ Qali in November 2011

When? Malta will be presenting the Vivanda-Taste the Med interactive food and drink festival from November the 6th until the 13th.

In Italian, the word vivanda means food and you’ll find plenty of it at November’s eight-day event.

Where? The festival will feature a variety of exhibitors that will attract many visitors to The Millennium Stand, Ta Qali.

The event will showcase many samples of gastronomic delights food and the drinks will flow while visitors can enjoy the surroundings as well as exhibits that originate from all areas of the Mediterranean.

The event is also interactive as guests will be invited to participate in a variety of competitions while they learn about the food and culture of the gorgeous Mediterranean region. There’s no better opportunity or setting to enjoy the vast delights and culture than in Malta.

The Vivanda-Taste the Med event is an ideal chance for people of all ages to have a good time while tasting the best food and drinks in the area. The festival will also help aid the Malta Community Chestfund.

The Mediterranean region has been home to some of the most ancient human societies and has had an important impact on the world throughout the years. Mediterranean cuisine is regarded as exceptional due to the variety of regions it represents, and the ingredients and creativity included in the preparation of it. The local dishes are also known to be quite healthy as well as tasty.

The cuisine combines fresh meats and seafood as well as popular and flavourful ingredients such as garlic, olive oil, spices, hummus, pita bread, and falafel. There are three main culinary regions in the Mediterranean, which are South Europe (Malta, Spain, France, and Italy), North Africa (Morocco), and the eastern Mediterranean (Greece, Egypt, Israel, Syria, and Turkey).

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