Maltese Festa

FestaMalta’s Village Festa Season Serves up Colourful Celebrations

Malta’s popular festa season sees the country enjoy several long, holiday weekends which start near the end of May and go all the way until September. During the summer festa season just about every weekend is put to good use by a village or town that’s celebrating various saints or the feast of its patron saint.

The main streets of the celebrants are colorfully decorated with a variety of statues, banners, festoons, and wooden columns etc. The residents of the village or town also get in on the act and mood of the festivals by using lit up festoons and red and blue coloring to decorate their own rooftops and balconies. You’ll also see numerous flags hoisted to honour the saint that is being so enthusiastically celebrated.

Not everyone, especially tourists, will enjoy these festa’s though, as the Maltese love to hear their so-called fireworks (petards) all throughout the day. These are extremely loud and sometimes you wonder if the country has entered into war… There will also be a lot of roads closed for this reason during the summer, which can lead to even further traffic jams than usual.

The insides of the local family homes are traditionally decorated and you may be able to get a peek inside through open windows and doors. However, if you’re lucky, you may be invited inside by the family to have a good, close up look at the decorations.

The Maltese sure know how to celebrate at festa time as the average festa lasts at least three days long, with some of them being even longer. You’ll find a variety of fast and traditional food stands on display where you can sample the local delicacies during the festas. Some of the most popular items include a Maltese-style of nougat.

Many of the village and town festas serve up an explosive display of colourful fireworks when the evening falls. This is a spectacular way to end a long and enjoyable day of celebrating.