Delicata Wines

Emmanuel Delicata Continues to Flourish as Malta’s Oldest and Largest Winery

Eduardo Delicata launched his wine business back in 1907 as a way to supply fine wines to his family and friends. He bought the grapes from local farmers and pressed them with the simplest of crushing machines. When fermented, he sold the wine in wooden barrels in the small towns and villages across Malta.

The demand for his wine was quite high by 1936 because of its quality and his thriving business was handed over to his 19-year-old son Emmanuel Delicata when Eduardo suddenly died. Maltese wine shops continued to sell the wine from the barrels and customers could buy it by the pint as well as by a third of a pint.

The move to bottles came after the Second World War and Emmanuel Delicata introduced Lachryma Vitis in the mid-1950s, which is the oldest brand of wine in Malta. A decade later the company built a modern winery in its present location and a few years later Emmanuel’s son George joined his father in winemaking. Modern technology was introduced and Malta’s oldest and largest winemaking business continued to flourish.

Delicata wines are known for their quality, consistency, and flavour and much of this can be attributed to the company’s use of modern technology the upgrading of local vineyards. The company has been honoured with more than 60 international awards in recent years and over 80 in total in such prestigious places as London, Bordeaux, Italy, and Burgundy. This is one of the local favorites among the writers.

There are close to 400 family-operated Delicata vineyards which produce international and local varieties of grapes for their fine wines and are looked over by the company’s expert team of viticulturalists. Several different excellent wines are the result of these vineyards.

Emmanuel Delicata also hosts annual wine festivals in both Malta and Gozo, known as the Delicata Classic Wine Festivals. This year’s events take place from August 4th to 7th at Valletta’s Upper Barrakka Gardens and from Sept. 2nd to 4th in Nadur on Gozo. The festivals are designed to coincide with the beginning and end of the grape harvest in Malta. Winery and cellar tours are also available to the public.