Marsovin Cellars

There are several excellent wineries in Malta with the Marsovin being one of the most respected and popular. The company has passionately shown its commitment to the making of fine wine for the past 90 years. In that time Marsovin has witnessed four generations of expert, traditional wine-makers.

The years have seen Marsovin produce an endless supply of premium wines and there are currently 220 oak barrels and more than 100,000 bottles aged in the company’s cellars. In a rare technique, all of the company’s fine wines are aged and matured in the still, dark cellars, which are located at Marsa, next to the winery. The classic wines are aged and then imported in barrels that are made out of American or French oak, which adds to the wine’s specific aroma and nature.

The Marsovin Cellars were originally built by the Knights of St. John way back in the 17th Century and the current winery was founded and established in 1919 by Anthony Cassar. The 220 oak barrels are aging with care the company’s Premium Single Estate Wines which are produced with local Maltese terroir. Some of the cellar-aged wines will be released this Christmas. Visitors and residents are encouraged to tour the historical cellars to view the operation.

The company was originally known as A&G Cassar and in 1956 it was incorporated as a family-operated business. Marsovin Cellars now owns five estates in Malta and Gozo. The company also holds an annual wine festival, with the 2011 event taking place from on July 8-10 between the hours of 8pm and 1am. The festival takes place at Valletta’s Hastings gardens. The festival also features musical performers, belly dancers, and other live acts as well as cuisine from some of Malta’s finest restaurants.

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