Jail sentence for killer of “Star”

 The 44 year-old Birżebbuġa farmer was yesterday given a 3 month jail sentence and a fine of €10,000 after having admitted he was the one who shot the dog Star and later buried her alive.

The news about the horrible cruelty involving “Star” has caused a wave of anger around Malta and even reached international headlines. The man now sentenced was reportedly digging a hole in the ground, tying up the defenseless dog and then shot her using a homemade gun before burying her alive. Star was rescued just to die three weeks later from a pancreas infection.

The dog’s original name was Buttons and she was previously owned by the mother-in-law of the accused, which asked him to kill Star as she was getting old and was shedding her fur.

The accused was charged with a number of offenses including animal cruelty, killing a domestic animal and manufacturing a firearm without a police permit. He also received a 3 month jail term which was given under hunting legislation.

This case is known by most people in Malta and it will surely be shown if people think this was a fair sentence. On leaving the court, the accused was also insulted by a number of people.

1 June 22, 2011 By Stephan in News

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