New Brad Pitt movie generates €30 million to Malta

 The filming of the new Brad Pitt film called “World War Z” is currently taking place in Valletta, as probably no one has missed. It’s being said that over €30 million is being brought to the Maltese economy during the coming three weeks.

Malta has for long attracted big movie stars and several major movies was shot across the island. Brad Pitt was here last time during the filming of the movie Troy back in 2004, where Blue Lagoon were one of the shooting locations.

The crew for “World War Z” is around 800 which is a large amount even for other similar movie projects. The lower parts of Valletta is now being changed into streets resembling Israel. The area around the Land Department and Fort St Elmo should if possible be avoided by the public for now and parking spaces there will be near impossible.

Brad Pitt seems to be enjoying his stay in Malta together with actress Angelina Jolie and their six children. Angelina has been active in the local immigration situation as she is also a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador. She says Malta has saved many lives of those fleeing Libya and other countries in crisis, however the situation for these immigrants has to improve and that Malta should be given more support in handling the situation of illegal immigrants.

You can expect further media coverage on their continuous visit in Malta.

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