Woman Plunges off St. Paul’s Bypass

 Police said that a 27-year-old Irish woman lost control of her vehicle at the St. Paul’s Bypass about 11 am on July 3rd and was seriously injured after the vehicle plunged about 12 feet. The woman, a resident of St Paul’s Bay, was pulled to safety from the wreckage by Civil Protection Department rescuers and was given immediate on-site treatment by an ambulance crew before being rushed to Mater Dei Hospital where she’s in a serious, but non-life-threatening condition.

The unidentified woman lost control of her Tata Indica while driving toward Xemxija when the accident took place. It’s believed that she’ll recover from her injuries.

The bypass has been the site of several major accidents over the years, including a motorcycle collision which led to the death of 35-year-old Mark Edwards just over a year ago.

A British couple, Patricia and Barry Mitchell were also killed a week before Christmas in 2009 when their car was hit by a driver who lost control on the bypass.

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