Rock Climbing in Malta

Malta Rock ClimbingIn this stage in age people are looking for the ultimate adrenalin rush, be it deep sea scuba diving to sky diving but there are some of us out there wanting to start our adrenalin junkie career with baby steps.

Being Maltese I thought about what sort of extreme sports could the Maltese islands host for a wannabe adventurers. I thought of scuba diving in Malta but that is to claustrophobic for my liking then it came to me how about rock climbing, it does not require any sort of facial mask that will cause me to hyperventilate, all you need is a good pair of climbing shoes a harness lots of climbing rope and an qualified instructor. So for all you novice rock climbers why choose Malta for the first climb?

Well the island is known as The Rock by the locals so there is plenty of it to climb to be exact there are 1300 rock climbing routes in Malta, Gozo and Comino with the highest point being 253 meters above sea level, the routes are divided into traditional and sports the latter being for the more experienced climber. There 984 single and 63 multi pitch traditional routes the most popular ones are Wied il Babu in Zurrieq and Ix- Xini in Mgarr Gozo.

Another reason to choose Malta as the location for your first climb is the weather, in winter the maximum temperature on average is about 16 degrees Celsius plus if it does rains it’s not too much of a problem as Malta is made up of Limestone which is a porous rock so it dries within an hour.

In summer it is advice to do deep water soloing. There are 31 routes for this or you could try one of the 21 locations for sea level traversing, the reason for this is that the routes are south facing so there will be hardly any shade If you do plan to choose to do the more traditional rock climb then its best to do within these timescales 6am till 11am and 5pm till 9pm. As a novice you will start your experience with bouldering this is a climb close to the ground and you learn about techniques, body positioning and safety this course can be done in two days. The best place to do this is on `Acupunture’ at il – Argentier which is near San Pawl il- Bahar. It is probably best to book a basic and an intermediate course together like that you get the full thrill of rock climbing .

So with this little snippet of information on rock climbing in Malta why not get in contact with the Malta Rock Climbing Club on or why not purchase the guide book Malta Rock Climbing by Richard Abela, John Codling and Andrew Warrington. So for all you wannabe adrenalin junkies why not start for rock climbing mileage and high now and most importantly remember Safety First. Happy Climbing.