Chain Supermarket

Chain Supermarket at The Point in Sliema

Address: The Point, Tigne Point, Sliema

Phone: 2256 2256


About Chain Supermarket

Chain Supermarket at The Point in Sliema is a 15.000 square meter supermarket with over 13.000 different items on sale. They offer very competitive prices and only sell high quality products.

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  1. Anna Psaila November 30, 2013

    Living nearby, I have always made use of your supermarket at Tigne Point. The place is clean and the staff are very courteous.

    Unfortunately late this morning though I was quite put off by the blond lady serving fresh cheeses & meats on the fresh food counter. She was eating before serving me, which in itself is not appropriate, but also, before washing her hands or wearing gloves, she proceeded to cut my portion of cheese, holding it with her bare hands & then re packing the pieces with her bare hands.
    Previously you had some men serving at this counter, they were very clean, always washing down the counter, the knives & changing their gloves.
    Please educate this lady, I don’t want her to loose her job, but until she smartens up I don’t feel I can use the facility at this particular counter

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