Valletta Local Council prepare for a bid to be European Capital of Culture

 Maltese city Valletta is a potential candidate for the bid to be a European Capital of Culture – with the next awards being confirmed in 2018. Local council officials, residents and restaurants in Valletta are contributing towards the goal of becoming one of the most desirable cities in Malta to visit. Local residents are being patient as building works around the city continue. Recent refurbishments to public places, the City Gate and plans for a new parliament building are all contributing to a long term improvement scheme that should be finished in time for the 2018 bid.

The City Gate Restoration Project is progressing steadily and has recently seen the completion of another stage. The Bastion walls around the Rampila restaurant have been subject to a thorough clean back to natural stone colour, as well as crumbling pieces of masonry being replaced. Local residents and tourists looking for lunch in Valletta can enjoy views of Renzo Piano’s restoration project from afar now that the restaurant has reclaimed its beautiful sun terrace.

To celebrate the reclamation of their terrace, Rampila have launched a new specials menu that reflects the local cuisine well and is a taste of what some of the military men using the Bastion may have enjoyed for their lunch in Valletta. As well as authentic cuisine, Rampila’s interior offers a slice of Maltese history for lunch. The tunnel dining room and works exhibition celebrate the culture of Valletta and the history of its building set in the 400 year old passageways of the City Gate. These beautiful settings are a fantastic place to celebrate, and for this reason Rampila have extended their openings hours to accommodate staff parties and birthday celebrations.

The patience of residents and restaurants in Valletta is being recognised by the local council. The council have invited all local people to contribute to a new Wiki page about the city. Residents and workers from Valletta are being encouraged to add their own words to the page, which can be edited on the internet by logging on to a special website. The council are looking for everyone to play a part in celebrating the history and culture of Valletta in order to achieve as much recognition as possible before the council submits its bid to the European City of Culture 2018 panel of judges.

With beautiful views, authentic restaurants in Valletta, and the restoration of palaces, residential stress, and buildings of prestige, the city is set to be a hot contender for the 2018 prize.

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