Apple iCentre

Apple iCentre Malta has recently (December 2012) also been opened in Sliema, at the Tagliaferro Centre next to Tower Supermarket.

iCentre Pieta Address:

Address: Joe Gasan Street, Pieta, PTA1410

Phone: 27 799 400



About Apple iCentre in Malta

The Apple iCentre in Pieta is the only authorised service provider in Malta for Apple products such as the iPad, iPod and Mac computers. They also offer a training lab where you can take courses to learn more about the MAC OS and other popular software for your Macintosh.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 18:00

Saturday: 09:00 – 12:00

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  1. Aaron Zammit January 14, 2012


    I have just purchased an i phone 4S 32gig approx two weeks ago and i am very dissatisfied with the product, the battery seems to drain so quickly the most battery time this phone gives me when charged is from 7am to 2pm maximum ie. without sending a message or phoning anyone. This mobile is of no use to me as i work at Mater Dei and many times on call. This is ridiculous paying so much money for a mobile which is so bad and useless. Mobile bought in icentre, London, uk.


    Aaron Zammit
    +356 79428784

  2. jessica February 22, 2012

    hi, i bought a macbook air as soon as i started this scholastic year and was very unhappy since it took ages to arrive(at least 2 months ) and secondly i am very dissatisfied with the product. internet connections aren’t good at all . i connect to the internet and a few seconds later it will disconnect on its own .. also, not all hand gestures work properly .. paying so much money for this isn’t worth it at all . i am very dissapointed and am looking forward to ur reply. at least an email . thanks

  3. Glenn May 26, 2012

    Is there a proper apple support cenre in Malta???

  4. Jane June 24, 2012

    Hi. I was given an Ipad 2 at Christmas time in England. Unfortunately the screen is now cracked and I want to know if I can replace it and what the cost is?

  5. amanda December 14, 2012

    hi.andi iphone u meta nixalu jehel ma jkunx jista jixel.dak kemm jigini biex insewih pls?10q Amanda

  6. Mr. Norman December 26, 2012

    Dear sirs,

    Kindly note the negative feedback from customers here above.
    This has notHing to do with the amazing Apple company itself but with the nonexistent customer service this country is plagued by.
    It is totally useless to have arguments and politics speaking about the economy and the need for growth, sustainability etc if once there is a sale, we do not protect it, nurture it, nourish it and serve it… Economics is not about making the individual sale… It is ALL about customer satisfaction which will generate the most important dynamic in the market: the word-of-mouth marketing of the product or service.
    It beats me to see how short-sighted individuals and companies can be, particularly in face of the fears and shortcomings of what is termed as “recession” !
    Perhaps, the concept of “value”…”worth” needs to be re-explained until it is understood…quite a golden rule in business.
    From personal experience, my Mac Book Air’s battery started draining faster than previously without any logical explanation or reason; the equipment is under full guarantee; I approached the customer service centre and was told to leave the machine at the place until they clove the problem or replace the necessary part or whatever-needs-to-happen…I asked for a replacement machine until they took their time…I was looked upon as if I were an appearance from another planet…this is only minimum service level and standard procedure for any company worth their salt…when I read the contract of lease, I found out matters that, i feel, oblige me to behave the way I did.. When is customer service going to be given its due importance..when an economic disaster befalls us and it is too late??
    I love Apple, the company, the products, the level, the quality and nearly everything…customer service is a missing link in the chain… I hope this message is seen by the relevant and competent individuals, groups, teams or entities required to ensure the success and satisfaction which customers pay for day in day out.
    Apple Inc. take note.

    Best regards,

    Norman Cristina
    (356) 7906 2119
    ID. No. 401976 M

  7. sarah January 15, 2013

    hi i bought an iphone 5 64gb from the uk now im in malta just found out its faulty. tried to call d apple store in malta but as usual you are left on hold. just want to know about the gaurantee and if i have to go back to the uk for an xchange, please bear with me as i paid alot for this phone. 99211965

  8. graham January 18, 2013

    The above all seems very strange to me. having had Apple products for many years (iMacs,Mac Book Pros, MacBook Airs, iPads and iPhones I have rarely had problems with any devices and some of the above does, to me , seem to be user generated. Unlike other O/S, the beauty of Apple is that solutions to most of the problems can be found on the Web, using Apple’s own support service or many of the Apple user websites (eg Mac Forums). In the odd case where I have not been able to fix things myself I have taken products to Apple stores and, if its under warranty, got an immediate replacement. However I recently had a mail from Apple stating that due to a fault the hard drive on my 27″ iMac would need to be replaced. I phoned iCentre and was asked to bring the machine down – there were no problems with booking it in and the machine was ready six days later. However I could not get apps to load so I took it back to iCentre again and was intorduced to Simon, one of the specialists there. He was extremely helpful and not only explained what to do but fascinated me with his knowledge of all Apple products. Full Marks to iCentre and i really cannot understand the attitudes above, yes customer service here is almost non-existent, but in iCentre its allive and well and sets a standard for others to follow…….

  9. Isaac Zarb January 24, 2013

    I just Bought a thunderbolt Gigabit ethernet adapter, which seems to become faulty after a month, apparently it is not covered by warranty, thought everything in the eu came with a 2 year warranty, i guess you guys are exempt from these laws ? simply amazing

  10. Sheldon February 11, 2013

    I have a mac book pro ipod 4th gen and ipod shuflle they all work great and I love them I hate hearing people saying nonsense stuff to apple the reason is that they dont know how to use this electronic well I love the apple company and it has a good name from all around the world we the maltese are going to give it a bad name that does’nt make any sense right ?

  11. Heather March 18, 2013

    Hi …. We have been waiting since 27th December 2012 for the new slimline iMac to arrive here in Malta at the Sliema store and even though we have paid a deposit, in my partners name I get passed around… starting to get a bit fed up with the attitude of the sales people when I speak to them …

  12. Sarah B April 18, 2013

    So I have an iPod 4th Gen, it’s about a year and a half years old now, in general I am very pleased with it. except when it won’t charge.. I have recently purchased a wall adapter so that I can charge it with the electrical current, that was a month ago, yesterday when I plugged it in the charging symbol wouldn’t come. and I’m not exactly sure whether it charged or not. And for months now it does take a while for it to start charging. I would not like to throw it away, but i don’t want to spend a lot of money to try to fix it.. and also I have tried to reset it.. still the same issue..

  13. joe camilleri May 23, 2013

    Hi, I have read what the customer had to say about the mac products and there where a lot of them that are not satisfied with customer care well we bought one from the states and when we came home the charger would not charge so i went to iCenter. Upon presentation of the guarantee they changed it with no trouble thank again iCenter.

  14. Josann Robertson July 1, 2013

    I’m writing to as I had a bad service when visiting icentre in Pieta Malta. My phone was broken so I went to their office to see how it can be fixed. I was told that I had to pay €200 & my phone will be replaced by a new one or a refurbished on of the same model within 4 days. During the time it took the sales person to tell me this an engineer working within the same company kept butting in demanding attention in order to get served too. In the meantime I was thinking this through as never before have I heard that apple charges for a replacement. Since I needed a phone I went ahead with it & once again whilst making my card payment this engineer asked another set of questions thus distracting the sales person from serving me. While printing my receipt he was still demanding her attention that she forgot to give me back my creditcard. I butted in asking for my credit card back as I was left there waiting for them to finish their conversation. The sales person apologized for not giving me my credit card. I said its ridiculous that a client can’t be served without interruptions, its rude. The engineer then gave me the fakest & most sarcastic smile ever and said thankyou. I was annoyed and walked out. On my way home I realized that because the sales person was distracted whilst serving me she forgot the give me my SIM card back so I rushed back only to find it closed after tripping right in front of their doorstep. Fortunately 2 other employees where outside and saw the whole thing helped me in. We searched high & low for the sim but it was nowhere to be found! I was offered that they would pay the charge for reissuing the sim which fortunately there was no cost for as i’m on contract. However it meant me being hassled & wasted an afternoon of canx one sim getting another & losing all contacts. Also being without a phone for 4 days I had to buy another one as work does not permit me to be without a phone.
    As you can see this is not the kind of service expected from a supposedly professional company & sincerely hope that you would look into it.

    Josann Robertson

  15. Luigi July 1, 2013

    Good evening, I wanted to know if you have the following items available:

    One Ipad mini 32 gb wi-fi + 3 g white

    Two Ipod nano Blue and pink color

    Let me know the total cost in euro

    Best regards Luigi

  16. Chris Grillo July 30, 2013

    Since the first iPhone came out, I have purchased and enjoyed Apple products. I have owned an iphone1, a 3GS, 3 ipod nanos (ver 2, 3 and 6), an iPod video G5, an ipad1 and ipad2, as well as a Macbook Air. Apart from one ipod nano that finally died after many years of (mis)use, and the iphone that I dropped, I have had no problems whatsoever. Cannot say about customer care, since I have never had the occasion to ask for help…. different people , different experiences…

  17. Claire Incorvaja August 3, 2013

    IPls can you tell me how much ipod cost as I want to buy one for 15th birthday of my son.

  18. ALFRED August 23, 2013

    Can you please tell me WHERE can I find a reply to these submissions please ????

  19. vincienne August 25, 2013

    hey im vincienne from birzebbugia and i need to know how muc are the laptops pls

  20. ISABELLE September 14, 2013

    I HAVE JUST GONE to the apple store in sliema to buy a ipad..the service was terrible and the member of staff who served me was ignorant of the products..i ended up by not buying the ipad and will go to the san gwan outlet on monday to purchase it and i hope there is better service there. I would like to add in all fairness that a month ago i bought a macair for my son from the sliema outlet and the sales person who was not there today was extremely good….

  21. Alex scicluna September 18, 2013

    Tried to ask for part of an apple iphone 4s. And the answer was you have to buy a new one . 5 min later i found the part on ebay , im very sorry to say that the after sale service in malta is horrible .

  22. Patrick camilleri October 2, 2013

    I’ve got an Ipad 4 serial no. DLXJK68HF183 and after an incident I have my front touch screen broken. Beside this after I’ve downloaded the last version I have the back camera not working properly( picture remains blurred).

    This afternoon I called your office for assistance and was suggested to send you this email so that I can have a quotation for its replacement.

    Could you gently help me on this matter, since I’m from Gozo can’t come over so easily for a quotation.

    Thanks in anticipation,

    Patrick camilleri
    Tel: 99426174

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