Chocolate Festival 2011

 Malta Preparing for Third Annual Chocolate Festival

The third annual Chocolate Festival will be taking place in the streets of Hamrun, Malta on October 29th this year and it promises to be the usual delight for all local and visiting chocoholics. We at will surely be there to review the event. The festival basically turns ordinary chocolate into works of art as visitors can test out tasty new recipes and view an assortment of wonderfully crafted chocolate sculptures. Of course, you’ll also be able to fill your shopping bags with the best there is in chocolate products. 

There will also be numerous forms of entertainment for people of all ages during the festival. This includes painters, sculptors, make-up artists, and body painters who all use chocolate in their performances as well as a play area for children, a stage, and various exhibits and demonstrations.

For those who like to experiment with recipes, there will also be some cooking demonstrations with chocolate resulting in goodies such as pastry, sweets, bread, ice-creams, cakes and other forms of food. Past festivals have included demonstrations that included meals of chicken and duck that featured chocolate in them.

Hamrun is an ideal location for the Chocolate Festival since there are plenty of confectioners in the region. It’s also believed that cocoa bean shops were also in the area during the 17th century. Malta was introduced to chocolate over 350 years ago when the Knights of St John fist brought it over to the nation. Chocolate-based drinks and recipes then became popular and still are to this day.

In fact, the festival has also featured such creative dishes like chocolate kebabs, ravioli, and pizza. The Institute for Tourism Studies (I.T.S.) usually offers a wide selection of chocolate foods at the event. Exhibitions deal with the general history of chocolate and the first festival back in 2009 featured a 3.5-metre high train sculpture.

Expect to see a variety of entertainers wandering around the streets of Hamrun, mingling with visitors during the festival, one of the most popular events in Malta. You should also expect to have an enjoyable time even if chocolate isn’t your favourite food.

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