MBL Garage Door Solutions


 81, Mensija Road, San Gwann

Phone Number

21 373 603 / 7928 1452





4 May 1, 2013 By admin in Garage Equipment in Malta

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  1. sharon June 24, 2014

    i cant reach you on both telephone number and mobile

  2. Valerie Morgan August 14, 2014

    I cant contact you on the ‘phone lines given The operator says the mobile number dose not exist.

    My new door is giving problems and I need the extra “Key” pads AND the emergency opening device fitted.
    Please call or e mail to say when you can call. This is urgent. Thanks.

  3. Oliver Xuereb August 28, 2014

    Can you please update your telephone numbers both from your website and business cards. I am afraid your after sales service has much to be desired. You do not keep up your appointments. Cannot reach you anywhere cause your numbers do not exist. What a shame. Really sorry that I have used your services.

  4. Valerie Morgan March 14, 2015

    STILL WAITING FOR THE REMOTE DEVICES I Have paid you for. I would have liked you to fit a new remote to another garage…. but as you cannot be contacted I shall have to ask someone else.
    Please have the manners to update your telephone number for existing customers and delete any outdated information informing us of the changes.

    At the moment I am unable to access my garage or the main entrance. I cannot us my car and I am very disappointed at your lack of professional service and support.

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