Getting Married in Malta

Marry in MaltaYou have gone on many dates exchanged many ideas and kisses even had few conflicts but the day he got on one knee and asked you to be his wife was your one of the happiest days, for you knew on the first day you met he was the One.

Weddings are fun exhilarating and one of the memories that will always stick in your head forever but nowadays when it comes to celebrating this sacrament the sky is the limit. Choosing to get married abroad is very common these days especially if you want guaranteed sunshine but some exotic places can be expensive as you have to reside in that country for a number of days before where as getting married in Malta you don’t as long as your marriage application is processed 9 weeks before your big day.

What has Malta got to offer for the happy couple? Why choose Malta?

Well there are many reason biggest one is 4 months of sunshine during the summer months. Other reasons are that you can get married in a one of the numerous churches on the island if you are Catholic or of Anglican faith( if you choose to have a church ceremony you do not need to have a civil ceremony as well as church weddings are legally recognized by the state) or any of the wedding halls or hotels that Malta has to offer.

For a Civil ceremony such as luxury 5-star hotels like the SAS Radisson Golden Bay or the Hilton or maybe you would rather have something more unique like one of the Palazzos that are rich in history. Palazzo Parisio in Naxxar or my dream venue would be Castello dei Baroni in Wardija the reason for this is because I would not have to travel far for the reception as this castle that the Knights of St John built has its own chapel it is just full of character and it also symbolizes marriage as it has withstood time like this sacrament should. You could be hold your day in one of the beautiful public gardens such as Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta which has a wonderful view of the Grande Harbour and the Three Cities, the options are endless.

When you have chosen the venue for your wedding reception you will not need to worry about the catering as the venues tend to have their own but this is only optional. Whoever you choose to supply the food, the Maltese tradition is a lavish buffet. Another Maltese tradition is the wedding souvenirs usually these are a bag of perlini ta lewza meaning sugar coated almonds but nowadays it ranges from a figurine to an ashtray.

Maltese weddings are a full day event with the reception lasting up to the early hours of the morning depending what time the newlyweds have to jet off for their honey moon but one thing for sure it will be a lively and memorable, but if you need any help with the organization for your special day you can also ask Malta prestigious wedding planner for help, you can contact her through her website.