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2 May 28, 2013 By admin in Jobs in Malta

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  1. Wesley Bleakley May 28, 2013

    I am looking for paid work which will enable me to live somewhere central, like Msida. Currently I am registered with a job agency which specializes in menial work activities,and while this is O.K. I cannnot say that I am challenged. I can say that I could comment what it is like to be one of the living dead. As you can imagine I would like to change the circumstances I find myself in.
    Currently I hold dual citizenship with the U.K. with family living in Malta and abroad.
    I would like to think that as a hardworking, honest, and trustworthy person to anyone interested in employing me.
    Wesley Bleakley.

  2. Warren Legon November 14, 2014

    I am a painter and can also wallpaper to a high standard.I have moved to Malta from England and I am looking for work in this area.I have 20years experience working in London

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