Mediterranean Music Ltd

Mediterranean Music Ltd are one of the top selling music instrument shops on the Maltese Islands.


22, Il-Kurat
Calleja Street

Phone Number:

+356 2141 9652 or +356 9940 5808



1 March 4, 2013 By admin in Music

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  1. Effie Pulis November 19, 2013

    Dear Patrick
    This is Effie Pulis you might remember me. After 28 years as music teacher at the Johann Strauss school of music I took up again private lessons in Piano/Theory
    For these last 6 years I took up also piano tuning.From this point it would be very much appreciated if you let me know with all with all the piano parts available i.e.bridals key tops ecc.I can send you an advert for piano tuning to show at your shop in Mosta .I normally charge 40 euro for each tuning. So of these 40 euro you will get 5 euro for each tuning.
    Thanks and Regards

    Effie Pulis

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