Arriva Malta Buses Slowly Getting on Track

 A week after starting its routes, Arriva Malta is still experiencing some difficulties transporting passengers around Malta. However, on July 11th the company said that commuters should only be faced with minor delays from now on.

Arriva stated that the past weekend was used to introduce and train drivers from the United Kingdom and that some feeder services have been sub contracted out, which should see most of the bus routes operating on time or with just minimal waiting periods.

Piers Marlow, the director of Arriva, said the company is happy with the way things have progressed and believes that customers will no longer be facing any major delays on their routes.

Arriva suffered some major problems and delays when it started the service on July 3rd as many of its drivers didn’t show up for work and the transportation company also has some software issues to sort out.

Many of the drivers didn’t show up for work due to an ongoing argument about their schedules and working hours. However, according to a company spokesperson, it’s believed that Arriva is going to sack most of the 180 drivers who failed to show up for their shifts and some of them have already been let go.

The launching of Arriva, which has been advertised as the saviour of public transportation in Malta, was chaotic at best because of a combination of stay-at-home drivers, computer software problems, and the breaking down of several buses.

Arriva’s human resources department is in the process of getting in touch with the drivers who didn’t show up for work to confirm their position. Some of the drivers told the company they wouldn’t show up for work due to the disagreement in their working contracts while others just didn’t show up.

The spokesperson said that some of the drivers who have been spoken to said they’re not interested in working for Arriva and they’ve been relieved of their duties with the company. He went on to say that drivers who had a good reason for not showing up for work and still wanted to drive for the company may be kept, but those without valid reasons would be sacked.

However, he added that the drivers won’t be formally dismissed until Arriva has spoken with them. He also dismissed comments that were made by Emanuel Delia of the Transport Ministry who said that drivers who didn’t show up to work may have been from the former transportation regime and wanted to sabotage the launching of Arriva.

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