Charles Clews Loses His Head at Bisazza Street

 The brand new sculpture on the recently renovated (and inaugurated) Bisazza Street has already been subject to vandalism. This piece of artwork that is featuring Ġemma Portelli, Charles Clews and Victor Apap sitting around a coffee table with one empty chair (where tourists can sit down to have pictures taken) saw Mr. Clews being decapitated by an unknown vandal. It appears Mr. Clews was hit in the face with a “hard object” and his head was literally pulverised.

The statue have since been repaired and the police are now going through CCTV recordings in order to try to catch the vandals behind this awful crime to our society.

Bisazza Street have just undergone a €750.000 renovation as it was turned in to a pedestrian zone so it’s really a shame that we have to see vandals ruining what the tax payers have paid for. Hopefully this will be the end of vandalism and CCTV operations will be better placed in order to catch vandals like these.

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