Lidl Malta removes German meat following E. coli outbreaks

 The Lidl Supermarkets in Malta has made a decision to remove all German meat products in an attempt to avoid a spread of the deadly E. coli bacteria in Malta.

There has been some worries following the news that several French children was hospitalised after eating the “Steak Country” burgers bought from Lidl shops. The meat could have come from Germany according to several manufactureres. The youngest of these children were only 20 months old and they had been eaten defrosted hamburgers. These burgers were made by the French company SEB who claimed the meat is taken from animals from three different countries and then processed in France.

Following checks from the health authorities at Lidl Malta, these products was questioned and later on removed from the shelves. This was a decision based on descriptions from the Lidl Europe-wide, as stated to the Times of Malta by the environmental health director John Attard Kingswell.

This E. coli outbreak has killed 39 people in total, all of them residing in Germany with the exception of one person in Sweden who had just visited Germany.

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