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 7, Tower Road, Sliema

Phone Number

21 335 815

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Monday to Saturday: 09:30 – 19:00

Solaris in Valletta


281, Republic Street, Valletta

Phone Number

21 232 955

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday: 10:00 – 19:00


1 April 3, 2013 By admin in Opticians

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  1. Antoinette Mercieca November 9, 2015

    Hi, I purchases a pair of Michael Kors sunglasses from one of year outlet a year ago, and am really disappointed as the frame has peeled in places. It is a metal frame. I bought these glasses for 165 Euros and expected such a brand to last for more than a year. Can anything be done about this. I have sent a similar message on facebook as I live in Gozo. I can send pictures with receipt and sunglasses. I have always looked after them and were not used for the beach as I bought a cheap pair to use for the beach. any help with this issue would be helpful. Before these I had two pairs of Ray-bans and never had any problems.

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