Vision Opticians

Vision Opticians offers assistance within all optical services and has a large selection of optical frames and contact lenses.

Addresses and Phone Numbers:

350, Zabbar Rd.
Phone: 23811801

211, Sanctuary Street
Phone: 23811803

35, St. Catherine Street
Phone: 23811802

227, St Joseph High Street
Phone: 23811805

Victoria, Gozo
Victoria, 25, Independence Sqr.
Phone: 23811806


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Comments (3)

  1. joe Spiteri July 15, 2013

    Which is your best outlet where a technician can adjust my specs frame. Thanks
    Joe Spiteri

  2. Vision Team March 27, 2014

    Mr. Spiteri,
    You can visit any of our outlets, we offer a wide range of optical services in all our 8 outlets throughout Malta & Gozo.
    Adjustments are done free of charge 🙂
    Have a good day!

  3. Louisa \ April 20, 2014

    Good morning !

    My name is Louiza , I live right now in Florida, US, I am moving to Malta to live.
    We will arriving on June 11th, here in the US I am an optician, and work for
    Luxottica retail, for 12 years. I will be looking for a job position once in Malta,
    And I came across your company, which reminds me a lot of the company I work
    For now, luxottica. I am wondering if there are any positions available within your company,
    I have a cv and many references, as per your request if you need to.
    Thank you very much, and happy Easter.


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