Eden Leisure MumsClub

 The Eden Leisure MumsClub is dedicated to providing both parents and their children with activities which are fun, entertaining, as well as different. Over the years it has been noticed that mums often find it difficult when looking for new things to do with their kids. This very issue brought about the set-up of the Eden Leisure MumsClub back in 2006. Providing mothers with the perfect solution, the MumsClub plans numerous enjoyable activities; giving mums a chance to socialise with others, meet new people as well as form an even greater bond with their child.

Events organised by the Eden Leisure MumsClub include ‘Little Swimmers’ swimming lessons held at the indoor pool of Cynergi Health and Fitness Club, Cinemum Mornings and Children’s Cinema Day at the Eden Cinemas, the Eden SummerClub – a brilliant Summer School for children between 3 and 15 years of age, bowling parties at the Eden SuperBowl and much more!

Signing up to the MumsClub is free and easy, but most importantly, a fantastic way of socialising with other mums, as well as enjoying fun activities together with your kids.

For more information about the Eden Leisure MumsClub, log on to www.edenleisure.com/mumsclub or email mumsclub@edenleisure.com

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