Anici Pharmacy

Anici Pharmacy in Qormi.


60, Triq Anici
Qormi, QRM 2013

Phone Number:

+356 21487162

2 March 11, 2013 By admin in Pharmacies

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  1. carmen mascena January 21, 2014

    good evening

    can you please tell me the days when DR Kieth Cardona is in your clinic

    thanks carmen mascena

  2. Camilleri charles September 25, 2014


    Dr Zammit Maempil has instructed me to use a belt to support my muscles and nerve at the lower back. He told me, that you might have these belts available. The belt has to be in canvas and with another belt fastener on top of the canvas.
    Please inform if you have these belts available and the price.

    Thank you

    Kind Regards

    Charlie Camilleri
    f/Windmill Ltd

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