Allergy Clinic Malta

 The Allergy Clinic Malta aims to provide a high quality service for diagnosis services, management and advice for anyone who suffer from allergy-related problems. Allergy specialist is Dr. Zaid Teebi, specialising in Allergy and Allergy Therapy. The clinic is located near the San Gaetano Church in central Hamrun.


Lister Centre
210, St. Joseph High Street
Hamrun, Malta

Phone Number:

+356 21246941 or +356 99807085 (mobile)



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  1. Monica Calamatta March 31, 2014

    I suffer from eye allergies. Does Mr. Teebi specialise in eye allergies please as I have been to several doctors who were not able to help me with my problem?

  2. Lynda Schneebeli September 29, 2015

    I have suffered from Burning Mouth syndrome on and off now for 6 years.I was wondering if Dr Teebi has any suggestions as to things I could do that would help???

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