Cañas Y Tapas

Cañas Y Tapas Malta

Address: St. Georges Bay, St. Julians

Phone: 21 377 753 / 21 380 400



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  1. Dennis December 9, 2011

    This must be the biggest restaurant ever flop in Malta. The place is huge and I am sure they are able to cater for around 200 people in there, yet it’s always empty, and rightfully so.

    When it comes to the food just about everything on the menu is deep fried. Since I am not too keen on deep fried food I ordered the tuna. This turned out to be a mistake since they keep all their tuna steaks frozen which makes it impossible for them to cook it properly. I ordered my tuna steak “rare”, I told them to just give it about 15 seconds on each side but when it arrived at the table it was cooked all the way through and it literally fell to pieces when I touched it with my fork.

    I sent the tuna steak back asking for one that is “rare” and explained to them again that I just want it cooked 15 seconds on each side. When my new tuna steak arrived it was indeed rare in the middle. The only problem was that the middle was completely frozen since they don’t stock fresh tuna. I had to send this tuna steak back as well and told them I’ll pass on the food.

    This place is beyond terrible and I wouldn’t recommend anyone eating here.

  2. alex May 13, 2013

    Last Saturday 11/05/13 we were celebrating the twins birthday and we decided to go to Canas y tapas in paceville. As a place it is nicely set up but as the saying goes ‘not what shines is gold’.

    While waiting to be seated a family who were sitting were complaining about the long time they’ve waited to be served and stood up and left. We were then approached by someone and led us to the table. We tried to have a look at the menu but it was written in very small letters and the dinning room lacked light.

    A waiter came and tried to explain the menu but was more confusing. We ordered a pre dinner drink and started to order food. After 20 min the drinks started to come and since all waitresses are inexperienced the drinks came in five lots. We also ordered 3 bottles of wine and 2 water, and again after 20 min the waiter brought 1 btl of wine and the water. Twice I had to remind him that we’ve ordered 3 btls. We never got water glasses and food started to be served.

    We ordered 6 paellas and two burgers for the kids. From the first paella to the last paella that was served a miserable 45 min passed. When the last 2 were served the others has finished eating. The paellas were small and not sufficient for two persons like in other places and were salty and tasteless.

    We asked for dessert menu and after we smoked and chatted outside a waiter called with the dessert menu and to the surprise and shock of everyone he took out a piece of thorn paper with the items scrabbled on it.

    We asked for the bill and left and since most of us we were still hungry we went to the Tapaz further up. At the Tapaz we were greeted and served in an excellent manner and turned our nightmare into a very enjoyable long night.

    The next day we went at the marina and had a really enjoyable and excellent meal making fun of the Cannas y tapas vowing that we shall not return or recommend it to anyone. In Maltese it is really a Kanna y tapas.

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