McDonald’s in St. Julians

Address: Spinola Bay, St. Julians

Phone Number: 21 378 916

McDonald’s in Sliema

Address: Level 0, The Plaza, Sliema

Phone Number: 21 337 774

McDonald’s in Birkirkara

Address: Valley Road, Birkirkara

Phone Number: 21 443 913

McDonald’s at St. George’s Bay

Address: Bay Street Complex, St. George’s Bay

Phone Number: 23 711 400

McDonald’s in Bugibba

Address: Islet Promenade, Bugibba

Phone Number: 21 570 416

McDonald’s at the Malta Airport

Address: Malta International Airport, Luqa

Phone Number: 21 674 785

McDonald’s in Gozo

Address: Arkadia Shopping Centre, Victoria, Gozo

Phone Number: 21 559 662

3 March 6, 2013 By admin in Restaurants

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  1. Maria March 6, 2013

    Does anyone know what happened to McDonald’s in Valletta?

  2. grace agius December 20, 2014

    I wish to make a complaint .
    Today i have been to Mac Donald’s Luqa and had 2 bad experiences.
    1. Hot Chocolate was sour. When I made my complaint I was told to wait 20 mins as they were refilling the container.
    2. I ordered 3 cakes for take away apart from the hot choc and cappuccino we had at eat in, and when I got home I realized I was given 2 cakes and not 3.
    3. Reason why I am here writing this is because no one is answering the phone.
    I expect a refund.

  3. Matthew micallef December 9, 2015

    On 8/12/2015 I came to buy from the drive thru 3 big tasty bacon meals 2 Big Macs meals and nuggets as a meal the order was placed in a bag in a way that everything was a mess drinks with no holders nothing’s in result I had to throw everything in the rubbish the burgers and chips were soked wet with the drinks not placed properly and on top instead at the bottom like they usually do im a frequent customer I come twice and three times a week never had any problems hope something is done this is the order no 0685 pos/ej

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