Chain Supermarket

Chain Supermarket at The Point in Sliema

Address: The Point, Tigne Point, Sliema

Phone: 2256 2256


About Chain Supermarket

Chain Supermarket at The Point in Sliema is a 15.000 square meter supermarket with over 13.000 different items on sale. They offer very competitive prices and only sell high quality products.

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  1. Anna Psaila November 30, 2013

    Living nearby, I have always made use of your supermarket at Tigne Point. The place is clean and the staff are very courteous.

    Unfortunately late this morning though I was quite put off by the blond lady serving fresh cheeses & meats on the fresh food counter. She was eating before serving me, which in itself is not appropriate, but also, before washing her hands or wearing gloves, she proceeded to cut my portion of cheese, holding it with her bare hands & then re packing the pieces with her bare hands.
    Previously you had some men serving at this counter, they were very clean, always washing down the counter, the knives & changing their gloves.
    Please educate this lady, I don’t want her to loose her job, but until she smartens up I don’t feel I can use the facility at this particular counter

  2. james bugeja August 23, 2014

    I totally agree with Mrs. Psaila….since the two ladies took over first the deli counter and now the bakery side…gloves are no longer used and they grab your bread with bare hands. Moreover when the counter is full one of the two ladies is always sitting at the back of the bakery area on a makeshift chair looking on and smiling at the customers who are there waiting patiently. This is downright rude…once again the intention is not for the ladies to lose their jobs at all but I am sure that etiquette and work ethics should come into play.
    One more incident that happened today which is totally appalling is at the checkout. Earlier this week the very efficient and courteous ladies at the check out were replaced by a new set of ladies. One in particular stands out being tall and with curly ginger hair. Four different customers went through check out while she was busy discussing different issues in her private life over the phone. Apart from the issues being of a personal nature like ironing her uniform, talking about something or other to her boyfriend and her family situation at home…customers were being herded through with just the amount due being addressed to them in between her busy conversation. I do understand the concept of emergencies when you are at work and having to take personal calls of this nature, however a personal call for a daily chat about random issues in her life is hardly ethical or even polite…not to mention how she was passing the items through and just shoving them over as though appalled that she had to be disturbed by us while she’s having a (long and daunting) chat. Once the phone was put down she ensued to start another conversation with the her partner beside her regarding some nice item of clothing she saw in one of the shops and how she has so much to buy etc etc etc thus still ignoring her customers.
    Once again I am not inhuman and i do understand the long hours and tiresome job, however I have also worked in serving people both at a counter and a cash point and the attention given to the customer is extremely important if you want to maintain a healthy and regular clientele. I am appalled at this girl’s lack of professionalism and any work ethic and even though I am not complaining for her to lose her job, I do believe that she needs to be made aware of her duties and responsibilities on the job.

  3. Anna August 30, 2014

    Having made a derogatory comment previously, I would like today to add some praise.
    Daniella, a check out assistant went out of her way to assist us when the check out tills were very busy. I must say her quick understanding of our problem & immediate solution made our visit to Chains a very pleasant one. We had overseas visitors with us, & all were full of praise. I hope management take note of her efforts.

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