Greens Supermarket

 Greens Supermarket in Swieqi has been around for 30 years as a family run business and is now a large supermarket of over 1000 sq. meters of space. Greens can now also offer online food shopping and a rewarding loyalty scheme.


Greens Supermarket,
Triq Ta L-Ibrag,
Swieqi, SWQ2030

Phone Number:

+356 21377247 or +356 21383856

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 7.00 – 21.00
Saturday to Sunday : 7.00 – 20.00

Email: or


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Comments (2)

  1. Andre January 21, 2013

    Best supermarket in the area, very friendly staff! never tried online though..

  2. Patricia Jankovics September 23, 2013

    Price swindlers! They put a reduced price on products on the shelf that magically transforms to FULL PRICE AT THE CASH REGISTER! The electronic price reader will also display the reduced price. When you get to the cash register you pay the FULL PRICE though. I am not the average complaining type, believe me. This happened to me in Greens Supermarket in Swieqi many times. I gave the store the benefit of doubt after the first few incidents. I’ve had enough of it today though! It happened again, the product’s price on the shelf was different than at the cash register. When I mentioned it to the cashier he said I MADE A MISTAKE, the bar-code is different. When I pointed out that it’s not the case he called someone on the phone and after waiting for about 15 minutes he finally let me have the product for the price that was DISPLAYED ON IT’S SHELF! Under his nose he murmured an apology. This is not the way a big supermarket should treat customers! Most of us don’t calculate the price, we trust the system, others don’t have the time OR patience to complain! It is embarrassing to argue about the price in front of a long queue of people behind. Which queue is ALWAYS enormous, that’s another fail of efficient store management! Hope the store can make some changes, this is a disgrace. Don’t make a fool out of us, your livelihood depends on us, customers.

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