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The Fortress Wine and Dine Malta

Address: Telghet Ix-Xemxija, Xemxija, San Pawl Il-Bahar SPB 9026

Phone: 21 579 852



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  1. Lino Bonett August 4, 2012

    Came today for my sisters son stag party and I was totally disappointed, it was suppose to be an open bar for a certain price yet I had to ask for Rum, wine and a certain brand of beer but yet the worst was that there was not enough food for all and for them the compromise was that they make me a plate of food different from what friends had, Thanks a lot but no thank you

  2. The Fortress August 27, 2012

    I would like to clarify the above on behalf of The Fortress. The menu included a barbecue buffet and a drinks table including spirits, wine, beer and soft drinks, which were being replaced as they were consumed – price quoted was for a set amount of alcohol bottles, wine and beer, it was not for an open bar as we had recommended to the celebrated guy that price would increase if a a full open bar was included with the barbecue option, and he wanted to limit the price to euro 30 per person. Yet effectively it was like an open bar as any drinks asked for were served. Being that a bar was set up in the reserved area on the terrace, certain drinks like wine and beer had to be continually replaced from the fridge inside as they would otherwise not be chilled enough in such hot weather. As for the food, this was served buffet style with all the guests helping themselves to the food on the buffet table. Enough food was served for the number of guests present, and in fact the dishes on the buffet table were again filled up after a while when the first serving of food was finished. Seeing that the second serving was also gobbled up, other finger foods not originally included in the menu were also served to ensure that guests were full. Mr. Bonett was the only guest present that missed out on the buffet food apparently, and since all the prepared barbecue food had been served, we had no other option but to offer him a large American platter following his complaint that he had not eaten. Our mistake was that we did not have a member of our staff serve the food on the guests’ plates as the amount of food taken by each guest would have been more controlled, and we apologise for this shortcoming. Judging from the positive comments of the other guests, the evening was enjoyable for all of them, and we are sorry that this one guest was so disappointed with the service and despite our attempts at rectifying the situation, still felt the need to throw a negative light on our establishment.

  3. M G Vella September 12, 2012

    Had a fabulous time at The Fortress Dine and Wine in Xemxija. The food was magical, drawing the maximum of flavor from the very freshest of ingredients and offering a varied and wide menu of international platters. The service was impeccable and the staff were extremely friendly. Everything was sensational and I would highly recommend this wine bar for private events or as a cool place to chill out with friends.

  4. david falzon September 13, 2012

    I vistited Fortress on several occasions and I was never disappointed. I even organised an event for the staff where I work and everybody enjoyed it. I think that what you pay is what you get. The ambience and food quality of Fortress makes it a unique spot in the northern area of Malta

  5. Antoine Bugeja April 14, 2014

    I would like to comment about the first above comments. In behalph of my brother I would like to thanks fortress management and staff for the event of 2 years ago ! There was everything fine and when there is a small complain the management offered that American platter ! I talked with many of the other guests and they was happy too ! Thanks for your service !

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